A pretty chill guy. Bud enjoys 90’s Europop, Star Wars, and laughing at things that are only funny to him. He is easily sidetracked because his mind dips and darts in and out of topics like a damn roller coaster or something. Despite this, his conversational prowess knows no limits.

For his most unabashedly knee-jerk thoughts, follow him on Twitter.


Steve Stevenson

Lighter of the fire pit and ruggishly handsome devil. Steve Stevenson is a slash metal guru and an all-around nice guy, not like that Facebook killer guy with the similar name. Just when you think he’s through conversing, Steve pulls out a reference to a terrible, long-forgotten piece of pop culture that will have you rolling.


Marilyn Merlot

Esteemed producer, punk music connoisseur, and chiller than chill. Merlot is both sweet and dry and boasts a crazy good memory to educate Bud and Steve on all the science-y things they were asleep for in school.

For proof she is the literal queen of out-of-nowhere one-liners, follow her on Twitter.

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