The Perv Pool: Guessing the Next Celebrity to Be Revealed As Awful – Episode #11

Bud and Steve place their bets on the next Hollywood Hero to be revealed as a predator, and cross their fingers they will not be sued or killed.

SERIOUS NOTE: As should go without saying, this episode was recorded purely for purposes of comedy and is not intended to be a serious conversation on this matter. We do not wish to trivialize the plight of any victims of abuse and sexual deviance. Rather, we hope that this episode will find the humor in such terrible and unfortunate situations, as well as help people de-idolize celebrities who justify and protect such atrocities.


• 2:40 – Introducing our latest ingenious creation, THE PERV POOL, where we’re taking guesses for the next celebrity to come out as a horrible person who did horrible things.

• 6:32 – Bud addresses “Santa Syndrome”, why celebrity scandals are so devastating to people and why they shouldn’t be.

• 14:44 – Steve guesses a beloved Star Wars character, which gives way to a brief spoiler for The Last Jedi. Why not?

Your evening chilldown chatter (ECC ™) awaits!


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